David Restrepo Amariles

Associate Professor of Data Law and Artificial Intelligence at HEC Paris.

Co-director of the SMART Law Hub (Scientific Mathematical, Algorithmic, Risk and Technology driven law) at the DATA IA Institute, and director of the project Smart Contracts and Regulatory Technologies at the Cyberjustice Lab, University of Montreal (ACT). 

He currently serve as Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Group (SIG) at the American Academy of Legal Studies in Business and as a Fellow of the Perelman Centre. David’s research analyses the transformations of law and regulation in the global and digital society with a special focus on the fields of privacy, finance, international business transactions and corporate social responsibility.

Michalis Vazirgiannis

Michalis Vazirgiannis is a Professor at LIX, Ecole Polytechnique in France and leads the Data Science and Mining group (DaSciM).

His current research interests are on machine/deep learning and combinatorial methods for Graph analysis (including community detection, graph clustering, node embeddings and influence maximization), Text mining (including Graph of Words, word embeddings with applications to web advertising and marketing, event detection and summarization). Michalis lead the X/AXA Data Science Chair (2015-2018) and currently leads the ANR-HELAS chair on Deep Learning for heterogeneous data (graphs,text).
Pedro Fortes
Professor Pedro Fortes currently is Visiting Professor at the Doctoral Programme of the National Law School at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
He holds a DPHIL (Oxford), a JSM (Stanford), a LLM (Harvard), a MBE (UFRJ), a LLB (UFRJ), and a BA (PUC-Rio). Previous academic positions include being a Professor at FGV Law School and at Bennett, a Research Associate at CSLS (Oxford), a Tutor at Stanford House in Oxford, a Visiting Professor at WB NUJS (Kolkata), a Visiting Scholar at the Goethe University (Frankfurt) and a Visiting Researcher at MPI-Frankfurt and at MPI-Hamburg. Current international positions include Board Member of the RCSL, co-chair of the WG Law and Development at the RCSL, co-chair of the CRN Law and Development at LSA, convener of the stream Exploring Legal Borderlands at SLSA, and international director of IBERC. A former attorney of the Brazilian Central Bank and a public prosecutor at the Attorney General’s Office of Rio de Janeiro.
Pablo Marcello Baquero

Assistant Professor at HEC Paris and a Fellow at the Hi! Paris Center on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Science, Business and Society.

His scholarly interests are in the fields of law and technology (particularly law and artificial intelligence and smart contracts), private law and international business transactions. His first book, entitled “Networks of Collaborative Contracts for Innovation”, has been published by Hart, in the context of the Series International Studies on the Theory of Private Law

He has published articles in law reviews and edited books across Europe, the United
States, Australia and Brazil. He holds a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Cambridge, a LL.M. from
Harvard Law School and a LL.B. from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.